5 Lessons to Learn from The Matrix

Being a movies fanatic, I am constantly connected to the world of cinema, I have always felt a rush of motivation upon finishing a movie to be better in my craft – to be the Superhero of my life. I’ll be starting a series of blog posts to recommend the best movies worth your time to make sure you don’t miss on the super-awesome Cinematic Advice! Let’s get started with the key lessons to learn from The Matrix, that I just finished watching before starting this article!

Have you ever wanted to be more like the superheroes in the movies? Have kickass fighting skills like Batman or fly like Superman or just have a personal army of Minions? While you can’t exactly be like them (please don’t just jump off a bridge right away, read on!) but you can learn from them! This article can really help you be as close to a superhero as possible in real-life by learning the secrets of their lives.

1. Be on the Search

I wrote a whole blog post on the importance of taking the initiative instead of waiting for someone to help you from outside the matrix. Neo started as Thomas Anderson, a common man in the search for answers. He wasn’t sure where to look for answers, but he did know there’s more to life than everyone accepts. Hadn’t he been already on the search for The Matrix, Morpheus would never have found him in the first place!

2. Are you ready to be Unplugged?

Though a philosophical thought, but not everyone is ready to be unplugged. Most would choose to live in the world that is fake and does not exist for not everyone can handle the truth and to be honest, to be in control of your destiny is a pretty scary thing and accepting your failures and shortcomings is a nightmare.

But once you start being honest with yourself, only then you can work on your weaknesses and start building up your strengths. You will have to work harder than others, be intimidated with the thought of knowing nothing and not being good enough. But once you decide to jump over these hurdles, only then you can see the truth and truly live the way you are meant to.

3. Learn, Unlearn And Relearn

We all learn about the world from others. We observe others and learn the rules. Which only shows us one dimension of how the world could be whereas the possibilities are endless if we dare! This conventional truth keeps us away from our real potential and we start believing things can’t be changed and always stay the way they are. Neo had to relearn the truth, the reality of the world. Only then he was able to set a clear goal for himself and even evolve himself in the fight against the matrix.

4. Find a Mentor

The definition of a mentor should be clear before we can start with finding one.

As Morpheus said: “I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

That is the exact definition of a mentor, coming from a movie. Ain’t this awesome?!

Back to the topic, a mentor can help you see the world from another dimension. Show you doors that you didn’t know existed. A true mentor would already have gone through what you are going through right now and would know exactly how you feel but remember this step comes later after you Start with Yourself.

5. Believe in Yourself

More than often you do have an idea of your capabilities. Some call it intuition, some name it the sixth sense. Whatever you name it, you always have the tingling feeling in your gut that keeps telling you about the greatness you can achieve. How you are destined to achieve greatness but guess what, the outside world constantly keeps telling us to blend in and do exactly as everyone else is doing.

The only way to break out of this cage is to start listening to your inner voice and start taking initiatives. You might fail many times which is nothing bad but an indication of you being alive while everyone else is plugged into the matrix.

Bonus Question/Action

Have you ever tried implementing one of these actions to your life? Did you succeed in it? If not, what were the problems you faced. Let’s discuss it in the comments section and I’ll try my best to help you see the truth!

Discovered some more lessons to learn from The Matrix?

If you have discovered some other lessons to learn from The Matrix that can help the readers be ever more awesome, let me know and I’ll be sure to add that to the list as well!



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