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I’m Junaid. So Glad to see you here!

I’m obsessed about how non-technical skills help you separate yourself from the crowd. I study and experiment with how adopting the mindset of a winner, learning skills like selling, amazing customer service and customer research can be the difference between Huge Success vs Constant Struggle.

On this site, I share the exact strategies and techniques that helped me grow my business to USD 100,000 per year. Some of them may sound like common-knowledge at first. I used to ignore those ideas myself but they proved to be a game changer when I started to dig deeper.

My goal is to help you take a detailed look into your own self, find and highlight the skills within you, turn those ideas into a freelancing business to make a living out of it and finally live a life full of freedom and abundance.

My Journey

The term lifestyle entrepreneur best describes who I am and what I value the most in life: β€œAn individual who creates a business with the purpose of altering their personal lifestyle and not for the sole purpose of making profits.”

See, I started from a middle-class family. My parents, brother and I, all used to live in a Single Room not bigger than 80SqFt. I didn’t start with any special talents or with any advantage over anyone else around me. If anything, I was the shy introvert kid that never connected to anyone around him. Didn’t make many friends and went by all the rules in the book to stay out of any trouble.

Fast forward to today, I’m 27 and I own a house, car and all the gadgets I had ever dreamed of in my wildest fantasies. What I achieved in the last 5 years is more than I had planned for my WHOLE LIFE! You must be wondering what changed, how it happened? Thats what the website is about.

I was right on track of a regular life with a regular job right until I got into a University that taught me NOTHING! As soon as my final semester in “Software Engineering” began, I started thinking about my career and hence, getting an internship. That was the beginning of it!

I applied to a few places for an internship but got rejected from most. Then the next best thing happened. I got an internship that turned out to be the Worst version of what my life might have looked like if I hadn’t made any changes. I thought I’d learn something from my experience at my internship. Instead, my colleagues and I ended up scrolling Facebook all day long.

I had this strong gut feeling that there had to be more to life than everyone else had let us to believe. People would just laugh and tell me how unrealistic it was when I talked about my goal of making $1000 a month. That’s when I realized something was broken in the world around me. When everyone was walking on a predefined path and I started hearing more and more of “Thats just how things work”.

One day during my mindless scrolling, I came across Upwork in an article about working remotely and how that platform could get you all the freedom in the world! I created an account and started applying on projects to see if it was just another SCAM or something real. I had tried “click a million ads to make ONE Dollar” websites before and they didn’t even pay that in the end!!

Best decision of my life! Upwork was not a scam! Within a year, I had more freedom than I ever imagined. The money was good AND I was the boss of my own time. Hence, started the journey of my growth and I learned about a lot of stuff that otherwise I would not. A whole new world opened up in front of me with unlimited possibilities.

Since then I’ve bought multiple online courses from Ramit Sethi, Sean Ogle & Danny Margulies. Courses that involved learning about:

  • How to Unlearn the Common Rules and Make Your Own!
  • How to Think Big and Win Big
  • How to Get into the Mind of Your Customers
  • How to Prove Your Value to Your Customers
  • How to Communicate with Your Customers
  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
  • How to Manage Your Money

So far in my journey, I have the following achievements to share with you:

  • Started a company that got incubated at LUMS, got featured on multiple national and international websites (and ultimately Failed!)
  • Got a “secure” Government Job that I left in less than a month
  • 8+ years of experience on Upwork learning how to turn a part-time Gig into a 6-Figure Business
  • Built a House, Bought a Car, Collected Amazing Gadgets from the latest Macbook Pro to Mavic Air
  • And most importantly, I’m living the life that is truly worth living!

This blog is my effort to share the strategies I’ve learned over all these years. The mistakes to avoid. The key ideas I learned by spending thousands of dollars on multiple courses and experiments. To give you a headstart on what works and what does not.

On an ending note, I’d like to share the one quote that I have always found myself acting on, the one that has always motivated me in the hardest of times:


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