Start with Yourself!

The first most important lesson I learned that completely changed the way I used to think and act was the realization that everything that has happened to me or will happen is directly linked with how I respond to the events that happen to me. All I did was I simply followed my own advice of Start with Yourself!

For the good 18 years of my life, I seemed to be on a constant lookout for whom to blame next for me not getting to the point where I wanted to be. For not reaching the maximum potential I always believed I had in me. Luckily, that all changed 4 years back when I realized it’s me who has the greatest influence on my life. No matter how dark did it get or how miserable I felt. It was always me who got me out of that situation or who changed the way things were. To be painfully honest, no one else has the time to get you out of your mess. They have enough stuff of their own going for them.

Whether the problem is the lack of better education, lack of a supporting community, lack of time or the worst of all lack of confidence. Let me tell you, the solution for all is just within you, just waiting to be found by you. The deeper you dig in the better you get.

The Solution – Start with yourself!

It’s simpler than you think and super easy. What’s the catch you ask? You have to be serious about taking responsibility for your actions and knowing that whatever happens from this point on is on you. This simple change of mindset allows you to think in a totally new way. Now you know if the teacher is not teaching you the way he should, you have the option to look out for details on that topic. If you lack confidence in selling your skills or even taking an initiative for learning a skill, guess who can help you the best overcoming this?

“No matter what, you could come up with excuses. The hardest thing is just to start.”
– Jessica Mah

If your answer is “I get it, everything that I want to improve in my life initiates from within me. I’m the one who is going to get it all done”. If this is what you replied with, my job here is done. This is the most productive mindset that can get you started in the right direction. Now don’t get me wrong, you’ll get a lot others who will join you on your journey to greatness, but the journey starts only when you take the first step and know that from here on, I’m my own boss. Only then you can achieve what you always wanted to.

There is a lot more about this topic, but that would be the job for another day. But trust me, once you’ve started on this path, there will be no stopping you!

Bonus: TED Talk

This TED Talk fairly sums up how you can improve your performance, learning and happiness just by being happy from within yourself. The external world counts for only 10% of your long-term happiness!



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