My Experience From One Month of Blogging

Starting anything new is always an exciting yet scary journey. I failed at multiple things before I started this blog. This post is particularly about the emotions & challenges I experienced in the one-month period I’ve been running this blog and my Instagram & Facebook accounts to market the posts.

This post is specially close to my heart because I WISH similar content existed. The content we see generally is somewhere along the line that I made a million dollars in a month, here’s how! And I’m left thinking NO WAY I’LL BE ABLE TO DO THE SAME. I wish there were a course or a blog-series that talked about how difficult it is to do this. Or how they felt when there were no readers in the start and they still kept going. What kept them going?

That is what this blog post is for. Let’s get started!

1- The Myth of Overnight Success

It’s not a story of overnight success. It never is. What might seem like an overnight success to you is just an illusion. One very few people share the reality of. This post is meant to share the journey of hard-work with you.

No matter what you decide to do, it takes time for it to catch on. Partly because you’re not good enough in the beginning and it’s not worth others’ time to follow you. And partly because people don’t want to get attached to something without a proper track record of consistency. Just like we’re very careful when ordering from an online store that doesn’t have a track record of providing good experiences to their customers.

This is a story of how difficult this journey is right now. And really of any journey that has the potential to change lives for the better. It takes time, energy, and effort to get to the point where you might be looked at as a success.

And it’s not really the writing part that is difficult or coming up with ideas, or anything that is SKILL-BASED. It’s the Psychology & Mind-Set of starting this journey and enduring through the self-doubt and lack of feedback. That is what this blog post is about. And it doesn’t just apply to running a business. It applies to all sorts of long-term efforts in our lives.

2- The World of Instant Gratification

It doesn’t help much that we live in a world where everything is so Instant these days. The overall narrative is that life is so fast paced and everyone is doing multiple things at a time to “Get There Fast”. But what about the stuff that takes times and can’t be skipped or fast-forwarded. Does that mean that stuff isn’t worth doing at all?

Well that’s what most of us Feel these days and so did I.

Being conditioned to reaping benefits instantly has made it so difficult for us to invest our time & energy into something that is worth the wait. But what’s the solution to get out of that trap then? What really helped me in the recent days & months regarding that? Matt D’Avella started his online course website called Slow Growth Academy. And that name instantly hit home with me. In a world where everything is so fast-paced, this idea of slow growth was such a comforting ideas.

Combining that with how our brain works and how Habits are formed and how we can finish what we start, everything just fell into place! The way to success is not trying to do everything at the same time. It is finding the one thing that means something to you and then slowly but surely putting time and effort into it to see it through and make it a success.

3- The Curse of Self Doubt

Let’s face the fact. Not everyone wants to start something and work on the long game. Most of us are just happy with their day to day life or the job we’re in. Which is totally fine. But then for others like me who are thinking about doing something new, something that is worth doing. It’s a very lonely path. And the fact that it takes time to be able to do something worthwhile doesn’t help either.

We may feel super motivated in the beginning but slowly but surely that initial high of starting something new wears off. That’s when the real challenge starts. Others around you might start asking you why are you doing this while no one is actually looking at what you create?

Even if you ignore them for the time being, the question is indeed worth asking. Why are you doing this to begin with? Why aren’t you happy with doing what everyone else is doing? Everyone’s answer can be different. And it’s best if you identify the WHY before you start with a similar journey. So that you always have a reason even when you start doubting yourself and you start feeling lost.

4- Why Persistence is Important

There are times when its so hard to keep going. As weeks go by, I struggle more each week to write something great. Not because I’m out of ideas or something that has to do with skills. Just because sometimes it starts to feel pointless. When you don’t get enough feedback or when you put your heart and soul into writing amazing content and when you share it with the world, Nothing.

That’s when self-doubt sets in and it feels like a lost cause. At times like these, I remind myself that the first and foremost reason of starting this blog is to transfer the thoughts on my mind into this blog. So that I can look back at these and try to get to know myself better.

The fact that I’m writing these thoughts publically is just an add-on that allows others to join in if they want to. The key is just to understand why you are starting this at all and once you’re clear on the benefits and goals of doing such a task. Even then you’ll feel like a fool time and time again. I still do. Even while writing this blog post. That’s where the WHY comes in and I get to feel like it’s okay.

5- I want to Fail with a Story worth Telling

There’s a huge chance that you’ll fail. It’s the same with anything big you ever did or will ever do. Being afraid of failure sucks! My association with failing is that I’m afraid that all the time I’ve invested into an activity is wasted time if I fail. Which doesn’t make sense at all. But that’s how the mind plays tricks on us. I would probably be scrolling mindlessly on social media if I weren’t writing this blog post. I’m not afraid of wasting time then. It looks like wasting time is the problem on the surface but it really is the feeling of being a failure, the feeling of being a fool.

How do we get over that? Another reason I write this blog post is to do a Q&A with myself. I write down all of my fears and then I try to make sense of why am I doing this and why I’m so afraid to begin with. The answer to the above question for me is that even if I fail, I want to fail with a story worth telling. Even if this blog fails some day and I stop posting, I want to leave with the important lessons I share here. I want to leave a better person than I was when I started this. And most important of all, I want to fail with a story worth telling. So all of this will not be for nothing.

And what does all of it mean for You, the reader? I want you to join on this journey where I share my honest, unfiltered thoughts and opinions. I started this blog because no one else was sharing how difficult it is and how much time it takes for anything big to start making sense. It just feels like that everyone else has everything sorted out and they just seem to be successful all the time with everything they do. But the reality is that just like this blog, it takes a lot of time, skill and most importantly a correct MINDSET to get over all the challenges and keep going!



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