5 Secrets for Getting Motivated and Staying That Way!

Ever since I started my career as an entrepreneur and things started to get real, I came across a whole new world. A set of new challenges and I had to relearn everything I “thought” I already knew. Now, one of the key difference maker in being a better entrepreneur is consistency. And believe it or not, mastering this trait is much difficult than it seems at first.

We all have experienced losing interest in something that really mattered to us, but we lost interest in it because we didn’t feel motivated anymore. Just imagine how things would have been if we had stuck to it and finished it till the end! Wouldn’t that be great? So here we go, all my learnings and secrets for getting motivated and staying that way learned over the years.

1- Have a Vision of your Future Self

I can’t stress it enough. The biggest motivation comes from you having a vision for your future. If you have imagined a goal for yourself over and over again, you are on a much better path rather than just getting right into it. For example, if you want to get fit and healthy, you’d have to go through the painful process of working out. To make working out easy and staying motivated for your goal, you need to envision yourself as a healthy and fit guy who has more confidence because of working out. That way you’d be much more motivated to work out since you have already envisioned the results!

2- Get Connected with Community of Like-Minded People

For us humans, it’s really important to be around like-minded people no matter what we do. We do so much to blend into our society and what not. While what we should rather be doing is finding ourselves the community of right people who think and act just like the person we want to be. That is always a constant reminder of your goal and that there are many others on the same journey as you. Also, the input and advice from others at times really helps you learn a lot that you, yourself, would not have even come across.

3- Start Small, Stay Focused

Once you start, it’s really intriguing to start big and get it all done overnight. But I’ve found that getting over-enthusiastic and exhausting yourself right in the start is never a good strategy. I, myself have done it many times. The key is to plan it out right in the start. A plan to go from where you are towards what you envisioned in a way that is easy for you so you form a habit without getting intimidated or without getting tired.

4- Find Yourself a Partner in Crime

It gets much easier if a you have someone by your side who is really close to you and interested in the same goals as you are. It helps both parties to stay motivated and the conversations that naturally happen around the things you are struggling are priceless and really help you to process and overcome your difficulties. Plus (and it’s a big plus), when you see someone struggling just as much as you are, you no longer feel like an idiot and it’s much easier to process the new information without losing your confidence!

5- Find a Mentor

If you are able to find someone who is already where you envision yourself of being and that someone has the same mindset as you have, talk to them. More than enough successful people are willing to help motivated beginners in whom they see a hunger for knowledge and who are self-motivated. So be sure to not jump right in into this before getting through other steps and really finding yourself.



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