How I decided to get a Kindle

This blogpost takes you through the journey of how I decided on buying an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite even with the fact that I never read! To get things in perspective, I’m the guy who has already failed at reading even after buying a real book “Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson“. Just read one page out of it and buried it deep away to keep it safe!

Here are some thoughts why I think Kindle can still be a good fit for me and how it just might ignite the fire for me to become an avid reader. Here we go, 5 reasons I think Kindle would be worth more than it’s cost!

1- We live in a world of gadgets

More than 60% of my time on a usual day is spent around my smartphone or my laptop. So this goes without saying, I LOVE MY GADGETS! The only books I ever read were coursework material that every student on earth knows no limits of hate for. Which generates a pretty bad image of books even while there are so many amazing ones out there with real value! The math here is simple: I love gadgets and Kindle happens to be the best e-book reader out there!

2- It demands less maintenance than a real book

I don’t know why but I’m always worried around a real book that I might tear off the page, bend it, spill something on it or somehow end up throwing it into the fires of Mordor. Maybe I’ll never know but alteast, I won’t have to worry about all that when I’ll have a Kindle. I can simply go about taking care of it as all of my other gadgets and that’s something I can really do! (ask any of my close friends what a maniac I am when it’s about my gadgets)

3- Long-tap for Dictionary

The one or two times I’ve had an encounter with a real book, I’ve found myself reaching out for my mobile just to innocently look up a word in the dictionary and I’ve always ended up googling photos of Pizza (well not really but it’s always something that random)! So yeah, problem solved!

Real book = Separate Dictionary / Kindle = Long-tap and voila.

4- Amazing battery life

Have you heard about E Ink? The screen of kindle uses some kind of electronic ink that only needs to be moved to specific parts of the screen once and stays there until you go to the next page or interact with it. I mean it’s crazy how long Kindle’s battery life lasts for. 7 Days in average for normal usage!

5- I’ll have to generate value for the money spent

If all else fails, investing this much amount of money into reading is itself enough motivation to move my ass. Nothing motivates one more than the friendly receipt one gets upon making a purchase constantly reminding him the money he has spent. One way or other that money has got to be taken care of!

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