Gratitude and Positive Psychology

It’s been a while since I wrote something on this blog. So naturally, I wanted to write about the biggest thing that I’ve benefitted from. After brainstorming a lot of ideas, I decided to write about Gratitude.

What Gratitude is NOT

Before I really understood the actual concept, my perception of Gratitude was:

“being an optimistic freak and giving up on the whole idea of improving your life”

BUT! (As serious and important as the topic is, I couldn’t resist the following thought…)

Time flew by and I came across a course on Positive Psychology over at Coursera. That is when I learned about WHAT gratitude is and WHY should we even consider making it a part of our daily lives. Gratitude is not about being happy and smiling when you hit your toe on the corner of your furniture. That’s just borderline psychopathic behavior that I previously thought what Gratitude is.

What Gratitude REALLY is

Life these days is Super Fast! Multitasking, Information Overload and the amount of Choices we have today is nothing less of a curse.

Gratitude is all about taking a break from the never-ending to-do list and just acknowledging the positive stuff around you every once in a while — it’s not about trying too hard all the time. Just recognizing the positive patterns and the small stuff around you that makes you feel happy, relaxed or even just alive. That’s all it takes to be grateful. It’s really simple and powerful. But it’s the simple stuff that eludes us most of the times.

Why we need Gratitude now more than Ever

Not too long ago, around only 8 years back, when there would be a power cut-off, life would come to a smashing halt. There would be no UPS power backups or smartphones to keep us busy with the infinite scrolling. So we used to get an opportunity to take a break and be with our thoughts.

In comparison, today, whenever we get some free time, there’s always a notification or a new post on social media waiting for us. And before we know it, we are stuck again in the infinite scrolling loop. Now, more than ever, we don’t get the time to sit still for a while staring at a wall thinking about our day or just going through some old memories in our mind.

That’s why the word Gratitude is more important today than ever. Stress levels are super high in each individual and we always seem to be chasing after something. Afraid that we might miss some important notification on our phone or some life-changing email that needs to be opened right away!

Among all this Chaos, all we need to do to stay sane and reduce stress, is to simply stop every now and then if you come across something potentially Positive around you. Tell your brain to acknowledge that and before ending the day, just try to recall and acknowledge all the good stuff that happened that day.

Bonus TED Talk

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