Self Improvement

Gratitude and Positive Psychology

It’s been a while since I wrote something on this blog. So naturally, I wanted to write about the biggest thing that I’ve benefitted from. After brainstorming a lot of ideas, I decided to write about Gratitude. What Gratitude is NOT Before I really understood the actual concept, my perception of Gratitude was: “being an optimistic freak and giving …

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How I decided to get a Kindle

This blogpost takes you through the journey of how I decided on buying an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite even with the fact that I never read! To get things in perspective, I’m the guy who has already failed at reading even after buying a real book “Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson“. Just read one page out of it and …

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Start with Yourself!

The first most important lesson I learned that completely changed the way I used to think and act was the realization that everything that has happened to me or will happen is directly linked with how I respond to the events that happen to me. All I did was I simply followed my own advice of Start with Yourself! …

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