This website is about two things:

1- Sharing stuff that has helped me grow my business on a daily basis
2- Getting in touch with like-minded people

Simple as that! All the material on this website is stuff that I’ve learned and applied personally to my own business and stuff that works so well that it suprises me. Other times, I share stuff that is so common that I’ve avoided it but it turned out to be really a great lesson. This blog should help you dig deeper into your own self, teach you how to follow your passion, make a living out of it and live a life worth living.

Who is Junaid Ali?

The term lifestyle entrepreneur best describes my goals and what I value the most in life. A lifestyle entrepreneur is described as “An individual that creates a business with the purpose of altering their personal lifestyle and not for the sole purpose of making profits.”

That’s what this is all about. Take note that I’m not a guy with special talents or someone who knew it all along what he wanted to do (I still am on an endless journey of learning like everyone else). But to better understand who I am, let’s start with a little history of me.

Just as I was about to graduate from a low rated Government University as a Software Engineer, I realized, I had learned nothing in all these years. And to head into the real world after my student life, I started hunting for a job.

Fast forward some interviews, I landed an internship in a very small one-room software company. Soon, I realized this did not make much sense, something was missing! I did not see myself growing or learning as much new stuff as I wanted to, most of my time there went surfing Facebook for not having much work to do. Neither was I making as much money as I wanted to (People would just laugh when they heard about how much I wanted to make). That’s when I decided to quit my so called job and look for other options and I ended up creating an account on Upwork to try my luck there.

Best decision of my life! I had all the freedom I needed. I was the boss of my own time, I was able to spend it freely when I got my first project. I started on the journey to learn about a lot of stuff that otherwise I would not. So far in my journey, I have the following achievements to share with you:

– Found a startup and got incubated at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship (Which ultimately Failed!)
– The startup got featured in multiple Blogs and Startup Magazines
– 5+ years of experience on Upwork so I know a bit about the platform now
– And most importantly, I’m living the life that is truly worth living

This blog is my effort to share the stuff I’ve learned in all these years. To give you a headstart on what works and what does not. On an ending note, I’d like to share the one quote that I have always found myself acting on, the one that best describes my lifestyle at the moment.

If you are on the same path or want to be. And can use some help, get in touch with me on the form.